Why our services

You always have your dedicated business operators specially prepared for the services offered by your company.


Why a call center?

With the technological development – the way to communicate, but especially the way to manage, to control the communication has significantly improved. Companies that offer services or products felt the need to provide their customers with the opportunity to learn about them and request additional details about them for teleshopping. Emergency services have proven to be much more effective in saving lives when software / hardware solutions have been implemented whose main purpose is to organize, prioritize and streamline the flow of incoming calls.


With today’s technology Gepperi Call Center can streamline the workload: you can issue real-time reports on how agents work (how many calls have been lost, how many have been taken, what is the time spent by each agent on the phone, which is average per call, etc.), about conversion rates (how many calls turned into real sales, what is their volume), customer history all its data – some solutions even offer certain alarms on certain areas that need to be improved, etc.


Intelligent communication transforms the way your company communicates, improves the quality of the services you offer, increases performance and streamlines processes – and all together help your business be competitive, collaborative, reduce operational costs and save significant resources.

Inbound Contact Center Services

The inbound call center service involves taking the calls of your customers in a professional manner by well-trained agents, ready to bring satisfaction in the process of communicating with your company’s customers. The performance of the call answering service is determined by short waiting times until the call center agent takes over, resolving the customer’s request from the first interaction and of course a dialogue oriented to customers and their particular needs.

An informed customer is a satisfied customer

Our services allow you to provide up-to-date information about your company’s services, promotions or programs that you develop, and also allow you to evaluate the success of the actions you take. We provide a team of specially trained representatives who take customer calls and answer their questions about your products and services. The service can be activated on any of the communication channels.

Don’t miss any sales!

The Gepperi team takes over, through the agreed communication channels, the purchase requests coming from the existing and potential customers. We provide your company with operators with proven experience in live chat, ticketing and direct mailing, in the desired work schedule and with 24/7 availability. Through the order collection service, you increase the number and value of processed and completed orders, gaining long-term customers.


Take care of your customers!

With Customer Support we help you strengthen your long-term relationship with your customers. In addition to resolving support requests and assistance or taking over and resolving complaints, we provide solutions that allow you to constantly know the opinion of customers and thus anticipate their wishes and needs. The service can benefit from the support of multiple communication channels depending on the specifics of the business and the needs of your customers.

Gepperi provides operators with experience in online communication, benefiting from the advantage of a dynamic and modern customer support solution. In addition, through Live chat support we offer practical solutions for taking orders and capitalizing on sales opportunities. With a live chat support option on the site, you allow customers to get answers in real time, thus increasing their level of satisfaction.

Call Center Overflow – Stay in constant touch with your customers!

When the high volume of activity exceeds the capacity of your staff to take over and solve, the service of Answering the call surprise is the optimal way to ensure a positive customer support experience. Pending calls are directed to us, avoiding their loss, and your customers’ requests are answered in the optimal time. Gepperi manages the surplus business, and you can maintain efficient and continuous communication with customers.


Customers expect quick responses, regardless of the communication channel used, but Social Media has reduced the time in which companies should respond to requests received. Gepperi agents can take over and resolve requests received through social networks and can associate them with the history kept for each client. In this way, customers have a unified communication experience, and the company can structure an overview of the needs of each customer.

Up & Cross Selling – Maximize the return on investment in the company’s customers

Each incoming call we handle on behalf of our customers is an opportunity to complement the resolution of the situations we are contacted by, offering alternative and / or additional products and services tailored to the needs of those who contact us to meet the most demanding expectations, supporting growth the business of our customers.