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We ensure quality

  • knowledge of products / services;
  • receiving requests, questions, written notifications and telephone;
  • solving requests, questions, written notifications and by telephone;

Customer service

  • verifying the answers given to the clients / the processed data
  • analyzing the level of customer satisfaction / the volume and accuracy of the processed data;
  • monitoring customer evaluations;

Data entry

  • data processing;
  • data entry;
  • data verification;

We offer Detailed Reports

  • analyzing the questions received / the situations encountered;
  • analyzing the answers given / the solutions offered;
  • analyzing the possibilities of streamlining the process;

Contact Center

Through the Gepperi Contact Center, you provide your customers with the best support services, ensure their loyalty to the brand and increase the number of customers. In an economy where new challenges appear every day, and value-added services have become a must-have, we offer you the competitive advantage you need. For a detailed offer or more details please contact us through the contact / email or telephone form at the number displayed on the website.

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