About us


Service excellence defines how we think and act. It is reflected in prompt responses, sustained communication and the guarantee of an excellent customer experience every time. It is the commitment to our partners.

We provide Innovation

For us, innovation is closely linked to performance. We constantly invest in increasing the efficiency, productivity and quality of services. The sustained development allows us to respond to any challenge from the business environment and the market.


We know that any member of our team is more efficient when happy and satisfied with the environment in which they operate. We constantly invest in creating a creative and balanced work environment.


We always respect our commitment to the clients who have given us their trust. Integrity is the basis of how we conduct our business and represents a guarantee of fairness, transparency and respect, both for business partners and for our team members.

Phone calls per day

Customer support for all our clients daily by phone.


We are constantly growing and we are focusing on our employees and their quality of services they deliver.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction

We constantly monitor the quality of our services to our clients.

Partners and ongoing projects

Our professionalism and quality services recommend us for any kind of project.

What customers say about the services offered by Gepperi Call Center

    We appreciate the way in which Gepperi realized the management of the Call Center services program, the attitude of the employees in the relationship with the clients, the flexibility in approach and especially the final result. Gepperi Call Center managed to have a real positive impact on our performance, which made us develop other projects in common. We recommend Gepperi Call Center as a reliable partner !!
    Mihai .
  • Operations Director

    We chose to collaborate with the Gepperi Call Center due to the positive recommendations and the portfolio of clients in the KYC segment that demonstrates the efficiency of Gepperi in communicating with this segment of clients. As a result of the good results we developed the project, and in the future we are considering contracting other services.
    Mathew .
  • CEO International Coustomer Service

    We have been working with Gepperi for over 8 years for our operations in Europe and around the world. Gepperi serves both our daily operations needs and some of our financial services for clients around the world. Gepperi provides excellent support services and very good English speakers.
    David .